Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Taco Fever

Senorcito is getting so big! In less than 3 months he'll be two years old!

In addition to being busy with my little boy, I started a part time job in January. It's low stress and I work off hours (nights and weekends) so my husband is home with the little man when I'm gone. So far things are working out great. My biggest problem these days is that I hibernated through this year's extra cold and snowy winter and let my healthy meals slide. The random warm days we've been having lately are starting to reawaken my senses ... So I decided to pack colorful lunch boxes for both Senorcito and myself. I realized after I took these photos that my last post was also beef tacos. Oops :) We obviously know how to enjoy a good taco at our house.

Senorcito's Meals
Breakfast - Corn muffin style Rice Muffin, Nectarine, Banana
Lunch - Homemade Rice Tortillas, Roasted Squash and Pepper Sticks,
Avocado, Ground Beef

The Mommy Lunch
Three small Corn Tortillas
Extra Lean Ground Beef
Avocado (most of which will end up eaten by Senorcito)
Roasted Yellow Squash, Zucchini, and Orange Bell Pepper