Monday, March 5, 2012

Life Sidetracked

I've gotten sidetracked a bit from my intended bento assignment, with some unexpected bad news. One of my beloved dogs(the black one in this photo) went to the vet for a routine check-up and they found a tumor in her mouth. It turns out she has a very aggressive form of cancer and got a poor prognosis from the vet. We're still trying to figure out how far the cancer has spread through her body and if it's possible to remove/treat. She has always been such a sweet and loving, but tough as nails type of girl, I could never imagine her getting sick and am still a bit in shock. Almost exactly 2 years ago (March 2, 2010), I lost my other beloved dog, a sweet and gentle golden retriever, when a just few days prior he'd suddenly gotten very sick and we found out he had cancer and his internal organs were failing. I'm currently waiting for some test results and hoping for the best. I'm not yet ready to let another of my dogs go.