Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bento Challenge - Week One Goals

The Bento Challenge from Just Bento will be starting this week. It looks fun :) Official info can be found here.

It's a three-part thing and I plan to participate in all three parts. My one exception is the weight loss portion. My goal is actually to gain approximately 1 pound per week. The goals of the bento challenge for me are:
  • Make at least one bento a week. I plan to do almost everyday, but one is the official minimum. I'll photo and post the bento(s) each week.

  • Plan ahead. I usually make my lunch the night before to save time and brain cells in the morning. I will also be planning out the weeks worth of meals ahead of time.

  • Eat an appropriate number of calories. The calorie approximating site on Just Bento actually had a pregnancy option. Thank you! According to the calculator, I should consume about 2085 calories this trimester to gain a healthy amount of weight. Obviously, I'm not going to be overly strict with this. If the baby needs an extra snack he/she will get it, but it's nice to have an estimate to build off of.

  • Measure the capacity of my bento boxes. I will update my inventory page to reflect this.
  • Get Moving! I won't be running any marathons, but some activity most days of the week will help me stay relatively fit for childbirth.

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