Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby Bento - Acorn Squash and Quinoa

It's hard to believe it's already December! My son is already 18 months old! He's so curious and alert, we're looking forward to a fun holiday with him this year. I'm hoping Santa will bring me a new computer as this one seems to be in pain.

My son continues to eat just about everything we put in front of him. The challenge is still just finding a variety of foods that are safe for his allergy set. Since we are limited on grain choices, I was happy to find another way to make quinoa toddler friendly. I smash baked acorn squash with cooked quinoa and Senorcito will just scoop it up with his hands. Yes, it's messy, but what would toddlerhood be without a mess? He loves this stuff.
Baby Bento
  • Zucchini Hamburger

  • Baked Acorn Squash w/ Quinoa

  • Apple

  • Asparagus, Orange Bell Pepper, Zucchini, Yellow Squash

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Krista said...

Great looking lunch, I'm impressed by his sophisticated tastes!

VegetusMaximus said...

Thanks. My son constantly amazes me with what he'll eat. For example, at dinner tonight I thought the kale was too bitter ... but he loved it and even ate the remains off my plate that I didn't want. He's the most awesome eater I know.