Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hummus Bento - Archive 1

It's Day 1 for me. Making a basic, but good looking, bento is harder than I thought. Those bitty cutters are a new skill I'll need to grasp. Of course, I made it even harder than it had to be by cutting sun-dried tomatoes. The little stars looked like blobs, so I settled for one big star. Photographing these guys was tough. I played with the settings on my camera, wandered to different rooms, and turned lights on and off until I think I got it about right. There's definitely room for improvement, but it's a start in the right direction.

Bento - The lunch bento is filled with pita bread, salad greens, fresh raspberries, Tuscan white bean hummus w/ a sun-dried tomato star, and baby carrots. The snack bento contains blueberries, half a banana (the scraps are under the berries), and raw pecans.

Color Score

Lunch - 40pts

  • Carrots 10 + 5 bonus
  • Raspberries 10 + 5 bonus
  • Sundried Tomatoes & Spinach 10pts (Note: Normally these would be 10pts each plus 5 bonus points each, but the portion is too small to merit full points.)

Snack -25pts

  • Banana - 10 pts
  • Blueberries 10 + 5 bonus

The total for lunch and one snack equals 65pts.

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