Saturday, February 20, 2010

Moving Foward

This is Senorcito, also know as Ethanito, and affectionately called Rashman at times when his allergies are flared up. We're hoping those days of miserable itchy rashes will be minimized in the future. Here's my sweet Rashman a few days ago ... rash free!

Other than the obvious need to keep major allergens out of his little body, keeping this precious face baby soft and rash free is my daily goal. With his list of known allergens (wheat, dairy, nuts, egg, soy, dogs and cats) and some lingering unknown sensitivities, I must keep a daily journal to track down those hidden culprits and keep the eczema at bay.

Today Senorcito ate:
B - Sweet Potato w/ Zucchini (leftovers from our dinner cooked with a small amount of olive oil) and Rice Cereal mixed with more Zucchini
L - Red and White Quinoa w/ Carrots (bagged, frozen variety, microwaved in water)
D - Red and White Quinoa w/ Carrots plus Avocado and Zucchini
He drank plenty of breast milk throughout the day and had a few chugs of water at each meal.
E-Notes: Since he skin started out clear (our baseline to measure from) I was trying to minimize the number of foods eaten to make things easier to track. We kept him away from the dogs, as much as possible, and put Ethanito on a blanket on the floor for playtime. The house was vaccuumed and the dogs are no longer allowed in his room. Before dinner, we also had time outside for a change. Just before bed, we "washed off the day" with a slightly warm bath and dove soap. Senor was aggitated after the warm water so we applied hydrocortizone prior to the typical vaseline to keep the itching down. The boy had clean pjs, and a clean onesie. His skin was clear when he went to sleep and he wasn't trying to scratch at all. There no immediate reactions during the day to these foods. I'm praying he will sleep through the night. The nighttime wakings due to itchy rash or hives is a terrible thing to experience. Please have a good night baby boy!

Tomorrow, I will keep better track. I'm just guessing at today's intake. What I remember eating is a lot of junk plus a couple healthy meals. I will make better use of snacks and breakfast (my typical downfalls) in the future.
B - Ruffles and Diet Coke
S - Swedish Fish Candy, Tortilla Chips w/ Black Bean Salsa, Diet Coke ?
L - Brown Rice, 2 Wild Salmon Patties, Mixed Lettuce Greens w/ Sunflower Seeds and Panera's Asian Dressing. Maybe a Diet Coke, but I think it was a water.
S - More Chips, Soda, and Candy. Water.
D - Organic Free Range Chicken, Kale w/ Onions, Avocado, a small amount of home prepared canned Black Beans. Everything was cooked using canola oil. I'm wondering if it's possible to be allergic to spices, because I wasn't keeping track. I had water to drink for a change!
S - Enjoy Life's Allergy-Friendly Carmel Apple Snack Bar and Rice Milk, plus ... Candy, Chips, Soda (sigh).
Geez. Did I really drink that much soda? I completely lost track. Seeing all that soda, candy, and chips makes me ashamed. I think the feeling of being deprived of choices has been making me devour what I can have. Tomorrow is a new day.

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