Friday, June 11, 2010

Beachy Bento 1

I'm experimenting with a beachy theme for HapaBento's B.O.M.B. for June. The beach always makes me think of aquatic life. My son has loved turtle's since day one, so I'm determined to work a sea turtle into the bento. I have a good graphic idea sketched out, but need to go grocery shopping. I didn't have any cuttable food that was big enough and in the right color family. Since, I've never tried to create any sort of animal out of food, I was playing around a bit today. It's definitely going to be a challenge! Tomorrow, I will go to the store to get food for the planned bento.

Here's my first attempt at a food animal:

Sea Turtle Bento
  • Purple Potatoes (w/ ground turkey hidden underneath)
  • Zucchini turtle
  • Carrot stars and Cherry Flowers
Star Fish Bento
  • Quinoa Os for "sand"
  • Blueberries for"water"
  • Nectarine for "starfish"

Senorcito had the Star Fish bento right after I made it. I figured the blueberries and cereal would turn into a blue mess if left to their own devices.

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