Sunday, December 16, 2012

Not Your Average Bento

This week, I was so excited to get to pack this very special bento. Although it may not look out of the ordinary, it's been months... well years, in the making. Ethan had his very first in-office food challenge (aka IOFC) on Friday. His allergist had suspected that he was no longer allergic to soy, so a few months ago we made the first available appointment to find out. 

Prior to our IOFC, I explained to Ethan what was going to happen and showed him the foods we would be bringing. He was eager to try the edamame and tofu, but I had to keep telling him he had to wait for his appointment. 

At the challenge, he was allowed one soybean to start. The nurse came in and checked all his vitals about 15 minutes afterward. All was well, so he got to eat a couple more beans, then got rechecked. This went on for two hours, increasing the amount of food and continually watching for signs of allergic reaction. I'm so happy to announce that he passed with flying colors! 

The box contains soy aplenty w/ shelled edamame, tofu, soy yogurt and bread with earth balance soy butter. Not pictured is the soy ice cream I brought just in case someone decided he didn't want to try the new looking foods. Through the process of his food challenge, Ethan tried everything except the yogurt. He told me the tofu was his favorite and that he'd like to have more another day. I am SO excited to have soy back. The world of vegenaise, miso, wheat-free soy sauce, soy butter and tofu are now open to our whole family! It's been two days and I'm still on a high!

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