Friday, January 8, 2010

Last Bentos of 2009

Usually, I take the entire week from Christmas Eve to New Year's off, but this year I became a mom. As any parent knows, kids wreak havoc on every aspect of life, especially anything you've precisely planned out. The week before Christmas, Senorcito ... aka the slobber machine ... aka my baby boy ... ended up sick with croup then I had the flu. Thankfully, we both recovered, but I ran out of PTO and had to go in to work to make up some time before the end of the year. These bentos are from Dec 30th, 2009 ...

Most weekday mornings, I don't have an extra minute to sit down and eat breakfast before I go to work. I am definitely not the type to skip meals (I think I'd pass out!), so a portable breakfast is a must. On this morning I packed an apple, cheerios, and pistachios. I also had a bottle of soy milk, not pictured.

Lunch was a small green salad with poppy seed dressing, a clementine, and vegetable gyoza from Trader Joe's with soy sauce. I was a little disappointed with the gyoza. The recipe seems different than it was in the past. It was a bit too gingery for my taste, but edible none the less.

My afternoon snack was carrots and my favorite hummus (the original stuff from Trader Joe's).

Color Code Score
Breakfast - 10pts

  • Apple 10pts

Lunch - 35pts

  • Mixed Greens 10pts
  • Clementine 10pts + 5 bonus
  • Mixed Veggies 10pts

Snack - 15pts

  • Carrots 10pts + 5 bonus pts

The bentos total 60pts.

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