Saturday, December 1, 2012

Off to Grammy and Grampy's House

Ethan loves going to his grandparents house, and lucky for both of us, they live just across town. We'll often go over mid-morning and stay for lunch. With Ethan's allergies, I almost always pack him a lunch when we'll be out at mealtime. This time I decided to pack myself a lunch, too.

Ethan's going through a picky eater phase, at least I hope it's just a phase! It's all about Sunbutter Sandwiches these days. In addition to the sandwich, I packed Raw Yellow Pepper and Zucchini, Apple-Grape Juice and his daily dose of Gummy Vitamins (calcium and multi-vit). He was delighted to have a lunchbox, but only nibbled at most of the food.

My lunch was dinner leftovers of Steamed Broccoli, Purple and Red Potatoes, Homemade Chicken Nuggets and a Clementine. I had never made purple potatoes this way (diced then cooked in a small amount of salted water), but they were so good!

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